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Save heeeaps – part 2: Supermarkets & food

Time for part two of this series – this time I’ll tell a bit about the supermarkets and generally food prices in New Zealand (based on my humble knowledge – do not expect professional information).

If you’ve been to a supermarket here before and you’re from Central Europe or the US/Canada, you’ll have noticed that food prices are significantly higher, especially when it comes to dairy products. It’s certainly odd since the dairy industry generates probably among the highest profits for the country and is generally bigger than the ones in, for example, Europe. The only logical reason is the small, almost non-existent competition on the NZ market; buying a bottle of lower-than-average quality milk will set you back by the same amount of money as average or even better quality milk over in the “Old World”. Let’s start with the supermarkets first.

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On the way through NZ, part 10: Wellington

New Zealand’s capital labels itself as the coolest little capital in the world and while I didn’t visit too many capitals yet, I’m tempted to agree that it does look like a cool city, but there is this “but”…see further below. Most of the world’s capitals are freakin’ huge compared to tiny Wellington, but that doesn’t mean the city lacks necessary transport systems, infrastructure in terms of shops, restaurants and so forth. However, even though I’ve been there three times by now, the city didn’t manage to fascinate me yet or really provide me with memorable places and events. Likely I never emerged in it like I should do as young person…well, I’ll surely be over there in the future soon. For these reasons this post will rather be a short, generic summary of my impression about it, and I’m 100 % sure other travellers on the net will have blogs telling you more about the local micro brewery culture, the best clubs and other details I’ve missed all these times.

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