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On the way through NZ, part 8: Tongariro National Park

Arriving in National Park Village, which is located in the centre of the North Island, was my personal first highlight – I looked much forward to see the impressive, alien landscape the three (still active!) volcanoes formed in the Tongariro National Park, one of the places most worth visiting when travelling this particular part of NZ. This settlement lives almost purely from the tourists visiting the National Park, of which almost everybody is planning to do the famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing, a well-built hiking walkway over the alpine pass formed by Mt Ngauruhoe and Mt Tongariro. Of course this was our goal as well, so we arranged transport by the hostel we stayed at and went to bed early the day before. Continue reading

On the way through NZ, part 7: Taupo

The beginning of the year 2014 should also mark the “real” beginning of my journey through New Zealand.  On the 4th of November, I popped into my car in Auckland and headed South, the first (only brief) stop being Te Aroha, a small, cosy town, where my travelmates decided to stay over New Year’s Eve as they didn’t feel like spending theirs in Auckland. On the same day, I spontaneously suggested filling the day with an activity before proceeding to the famous town Taupo: Whitewater Rafting on the Kaituna River near Rotorua! Continue reading

On the way through NZ, part 6: Coromandel Peninsula

After finishing my internship in late December, the Christmas days offered – almost – the real start of my journey through NZ. After looking for some travelmates, two other German guys responded soon and we were off to the well-known and popular Coromandel Peninsula, which is located roughly 2 ½ hrs away from Auckland. As a famous holiday destination for travellers and locals alike, Coromandel offers beautiful beaches but also native bush land and mountains. I planned a four day trip for our small group, beginning in the South West in the township of Thames. Continue reading

Waaait…I’m still here!

My goodness, it has been over 2 month since my last post here…time is passing by so quickly, I’ve lost track a good while ago. Oh, and I switch to English now for my further posts, as I met heaps of people who were interested in reading this, but you’re not going anywhere with German as soon as you leave “Central Europe” 😉

This resurrection won’t be too long either, maybe just giving you a glance about what’s going to come:

  • Further compilations of the places I travelled to and any outstanding things, while I’ll try to keep everything in a nutshell – I know some people think my previous posts were too long
  • My beloved trivia about Kiwis and New Zealand
  • And, kinda new, recommendations on getting discounts, useful advises etc. for those who would like to come here one day

I hope that’ll do for most of you, haha, I should find out who many individuals are actually behind this little word “most”! Stay tuned, the first new post will follow by the end of the week at the latest.