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Hidden gems: Mount Tarawera

Volcanoes. There’s certainly no lack of them in New Zealand, especially in what’s called the Taupo Volcanic Zone: A vast area which encompasses most of the Bay of Plenty and serves as my playground on many weekends for quite a while now. Fortunately for me and many Kiwis, most of these volcanoes are dormant, leaving mountains with interesting shapes, landscapes and histories behind (although it would be amazing to climb an active one – yes, I know it’s nuts, but adventure is the spice of life!). A few weeks ago I made my way up to Mount Tarawera, semi-famous for destroying the Pink and White Terraces in the 19th century and giving the name to the eponymous waterfalls and lake in the area. Calling the view from the summit spectacular is almost an understatement! Continue reading

On the way through NZ, part 7: Taupo

The beginning of the year 2014 should also mark the “real” beginning of my journey through New Zealand.  On the 4th of November, I popped into my car in Auckland and headed South, the first (only brief) stop being Te Aroha, a small, cosy town, where my travelmates decided to stay over New Year’s Eve as they didn’t feel like spending theirs in Auckland. On the same day, I spontaneously suggested filling the day with an activity before proceeding to the famous town Taupo: Whitewater Rafting on the Kaituna River near Rotorua! Continue reading