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Behind the curtains, the work is on…

Unbelievable how many responsibilities knock on your door once you semi-settled somewhere and decided to own some property rather than rent a place. Throw in some holiday planning and leisure activities and you end up with no time for a blog anymore! But instead on being heavy on excuses, let’s roll up the sleeves and get this going.

It’s due time to make some improvements to this little project of mine; all posts have been assigned categories and tags now, making it easier for you to select what to read! The sidebar will be updated next to improve the navigation, and more positive changes will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Also, I had an idea for a new post series, which should appeal to everybody finding him- or herself in love with NZ’s nature and landscape in general – expect the first part of “Hidden Gems” on this weekend!

It’s not over yet…

Firstly: Happy New Year! Yeah, I know. I screwed up. I’m embarrassed enough, you don’t need to tell me. I resurrected the blog only to let it die another time. That’s not the idea at all, I’m aware of that. So, here comes the second try. If you haven’t lost faith in me totally yet, I’m very pleased – or, if you’re a new reader, I’d like to ask you to stay, because there will be things coming here worth reading…provided you’re interested in New Zealand and the world nowadays.

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Waaait…I’m still here!

My goodness, it has been over 2 month since my last post here…time is passing by so quickly, I’ve lost track a good while ago. Oh, and I switch to English now for my further posts, as I met heaps of people who were interested in reading this, but you’re not going anywhere with German as soon as you leave “Central Europe” ­čśë

This resurrection won’t be too long either, maybe just giving you a glance about what’s going to come:

  • Further compilations of the places I travelled to and any outstanding things, while I’ll try to keep everything in a nutshell – I know some people think my previous posts were too long
  • My beloved trivia about Kiwis and New Zealand
  • And, kinda new, recommendations on getting discounts, useful advises etc. for those who would like to come here one day

I hope that’ll do for most of you, haha, I should find out who many individuals are actually behind this little word “most”! Stay tuned, the first new post will follow by the end of the week at the latest.

Alright, no worries!

Wie ihr sehen k├Ânnt, ist mein Blog nun online (Cpt. Obvious hat gesprochen!) – dementsprechend kann ich euch nun bei Interesse leichter mit Infos aus dem S├╝dpazifik versorgen. Gestaltungs├Ąnderungen/die Optik werde ich demn├Ąchst ggf. noch durchf├╝hren/anpassen. Danke an Thomas f├╝r die Einrichtung!

Ich wei├č noch nicht genau, wie ich es mache, aber wahrscheinlich wird es hier jede zweite Woche einen Eintrag geben, mal sehen, vielleicht auch w├Âchentlich. Da ich pro Woche 40 Stunden auf Arbeit verbringe, gibt es aus dieser Zeit wahrscheinlich eher weniger zu erz├Ąhlen, es sei denn ihr findet Einkauf und logistische Prozesse spannend. ­čśŤ

In diesem ersten Eintrag soll es jetzt mal kurz um das neuseel├Ąndische Englisch und danach um Handy/Telefonieren gehen. Continue reading